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jedi40 [userpic]

more quizes

January 29th, 2009 (01:48 am)

current mood: bouncy

You Are an Astrologer

You tend to be a fanciful, spiritual person with many interesting theories.

You are always trying to figure out how all the pieces of the world are connected.

You have a knack for predicting the future and reading people.

In modern times, you would make a good self help guru or a director of a non profit.

Sounds like me....

Your Ideal Island Vacation is Fiji

On an island vacation, you prefer to get the full beach experience.

And for you, that means staying somewhere with few people and lots of beach.

With over 300 islands, you can find your own private spot in Fiji.

Relax by the crystal clear water, or venture off to find a waterfall.


Posted by: bandcat (bandcat)
Posted at: January 30th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)

You Are a Cartographer

You have a wide range of knowledge and you're very detail oriented.

You have a photographic memory, and you remember places very well.

Like a middle ages cartographer, you're also very adventurous and curious about the world.

In modern times, you would make a good non-fiction writer or scientist.

Your Ideal Island Vacation is Hong Kong

On an island vacation, you want a fast pace of life. You aren't a big fan of "island time".

In Hong Kong, you'll be able to sightsee, shop, and eat to your heart's content.

And when you get sick of the urban jungle, there's plenty of nature for you to explore.

From remote hiking to nighttime hotspots, Hong Kong fits whatever mood you happen to be in!

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