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jedi40 [userpic]

I am so mad at my brother and SIL I could spit!!!

January 16th, 2009 (08:11 pm)

current mood: depressed

What started out as a crappy day got even crappier when I saw that my parents had gotten a thank you note (done by SIL) from one of the grand kids (my Nephews) thanking them for the Christmas gifts they were given.
And I didn't get a GOD DAMN THING FROM THEM!!!!

I spent more money on the boys and the others and I get treated like shit! I give everyone wonderful well thought out gifts I know they will love and I get crappy ones in return or ones where the scent makes me ill.

Why should I even bother any more!

This whole thing is a slap to my face and I am sick of it!

If it was not for the boys I would not give them a damn thing at all.


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Posted by: jedi40 (jedi40)
Posted at: January 17th, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)

Thanks but they need a good kick in the ass, and manners before I feel better.

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