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jedi40 [userpic]

NJ Stargate con day 2

December 2nd, 2008 (04:50 am)

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Day two

Did not start off very well. The wakeup call I had never happened, just by shear luck that I woke up 15 minutes after the call time. I called the front desk and told them the phone never rang, they checked it and found that there was something wrong with the phones in my room and that they would have someone come and check them out. I told them I did not want anyone in my room unless I was there in case they needed to ask me questions as to what was wrong and what not. So I told them I would call the desk when I got back to my room so they could send the tech person to see what was wrong with them.

After a quick shower I went back to the vender’s room a few minutes before it opened and chatted with a mother and daughter I budded with the day before since we are both handicap we get to the head of the lines first so we chatted a lot day one while everything was getting ready for the autograph lines and we chatted more while waiting for the doors to the vender room to open.

Bought a few more things and headed back to the main room for the start of the days fun.
First up were some music vids, one they played at last years con and the night before.


Domo Arigato: note there is no music at the start ..it is to be like that

Then the fun really started with the trivia comp (hoping I would do better then last year) they did a lot of SG1
Questions that I did not know at all…then I raised my hand and tried to stump the panel and the audience. The question was “In Inferno what was the Ancient name of the Orion?” the panel had no idea but someone in the audience knew the answer was Hippaforalkus. Then at last an Atlantis question I knew the answer to, the question was in Sateda what did Rodney say when he was shot in the butt. The panel said I can’t believe you shot me in the butt….wrong and no one in the audience had a clue so I raised my hand and when I was picked I said in my best Rodney whinny voice “That did not just happen!!!” and I picked out the Atlantis patch for getting the answer right.

After a quick stage reset it was Chuck time

For someone that lives in Canada he is a big Red Sox fan and his favorite player is Dustin Pedroia, a fact that he told someone in the audience some where and they remembered and gave him a Jersey with Pedoria’s name and number on the back. Chuck was amazed that the fan had remembered.

He did not like one of the banner pictures at all….he said it looked like someone you would not like to bump into at a bus stop.

He had a hard time on Sanctuary playing the two faced person since he sometime forgot the other face was back there when he sat down and he could not put his head back.

He enjoyed working on one of the Seige’s since he got to wear a vest like the others wore when off world.

He talked about a mishap that happened during The Shrine with Joe and the beer.

I asked him to do the Dramatic Hamster bit.

for you that never saw it before this is it

He loved the bookie scene in Midway during the fight with Teal’c and Ronon since it was his idea and Joe adlibbed the part where he took some of the money but gave back some since they were nothing he could use.

I asked him if he would go through the gate and he said in heck yeah. And he then asked me if I would and I said you bet ya.

Then time for him to go.

They had more time to kill till Kavan showed up so they replayed Remnants. I went back to my room and called the desk about the phones, they sent someone but he could not understand what was wrong with them, so I called the desk and asked them to call the room..no ring so he tried to get me another room on the same floor and that room was no good either well to make long story short I got a room on the first floor that had working phones. I went to get something for lunch and made it back in time for the next auction.

There were some things I wanted to get but was outbid on them..oh well.

They showed two great Lorne vids before he came out.
The Lorne Identity

Be A Rockstar! I believe this is the Kavan was not thrilled about at another con.

And then it was Kavan’s turn.

He scanned the crowd for kids and there were a few so he had to tone down some of the things he was going to say.

He kept joking that he had been in jail to learn things but it was just juvie.

At one point he could not remember what show he was on because he was shooting 3 at one time (Atlantis, the 4400 and Blade). He would call the actors the wrong name like Joe would be Joel or the other way around.
At one time he said he was a vampire playing Lorne on the 4400.

He would love to work on Sanctuary again if they will have him, he likes playing a cop.

He did not like it when Lorne was popping pills in Tabula Rasa and joked “I don’t even drink, really, except when I’m drunk,” he deadpanned, adding “I certainly don’t do drugs, unless I’m high.”

Working with David (H) on S&R was interesting since all David did was complain about the dust getting into his eyes and whine like a baby about it.
Kavan said that the first time he met David for Runner, he went up to DH and said hi and David carried on about who was doing his hair.

I asked him if he painted the painting in Sunday ..No but he did learn to paint in jail (lol) it was done but he did add somethings to it to make it look better like stick figures at the bottom of it.

He hates working in the Wraith ships because the latex gives everyone a major headache so they can only work in them for short spurts due to the fumes.

I am sure there was more but I can’t remember the rest. And then it was time for him to go.

I headed to the room to get my photoOp with him and I just about melted when he put his arm around me. And then back to the main room for the autographs.

Then back to my room to drop some stuff off and headed to the pub for some dinner. Now for some reason I was always seated near the same group of people. One of them back on day one walked right into the back of me when we were heading down the hall after the cabaret and my knee locked up and she did not see what happened so..bump. So we kept a running joke when we spotted the other.

After dinner I watched TV till it was time to go to the Dessert party.

It was like a big mixer and the guest wranglers were all dressed up like Bond ladies.

We did not really have a centerpiece except for a wrapped bottle of Scotch with blue tissue paper sticking out the top. So I said it was the main tower decked out for Christmas with a star on top. The guy who had brought it as a birthday gift for one of the wranglers liked the idea, and fixed the paper so it would look like a star.

Dan was the first one to our table and had a very amused look on his face when we told him about or centerpiece.

Then came Chuck he asked everyone where they were from (yes he has been to CT!!) and out of the 6 people sitting at the table he had been to 5 states.

Then at last Kavan …..he mostly talked about some of the drinks he liked and just about turned green when one of the guys at the table said he should try a NJ turnpike. When he found out that it was what ever was left on the bar at the end of the night in a glass he just about lost it.

Then he moved off to another table like the others had. Soon it was time for them to go for the night.
They waved as they left through the kitchen doors and out of sight.

Our table did not win the contest I am sorry to say.

Then about 4 minutes later Chuck came back into the room and fixed himself a cup of ice cream and left. And then 2 minutes later Dan and Kavan came in and fixed themselves some as well. I just about died when I saw how high Dan’s was..it must have been 4 scoops high.

Then back to my room to get ready for the last day of the con.