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jedi40 [userpic]

Hey UPS get your drivers eyes checked out!!!!

November 25th, 2008 (09:49 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I had ordered some refill  pages for a photo album about one week ago. This past Monday I get a email from UPS saying it had been shipped to my address.

I spotted the UPS driver this afternoon just after 2PM heading down past our unit and a few minutes later come back and leave something at our door. From the size of the package I could see it was not what I had ordered and thought it was something my parents ordered.

So later on when I came down stairs I checked the front door and the package was still there (the rents never check it for packages) only to find out the thing left was for a different unit 5 doors from us.

I then went online to the invoice I had from UPS and it stated that my package had been delivered ...but to where? I tried to find the phone number to the person who's package was left but there was no listing for it any where.

So I called the UPS 800 number and after 10 minutes of going through the auto menu and not getting the one I needed I at last got a real person on the line and told them what had happened. Oh I am sorry ma'am...yadda yadda. I WANT MY STUFF DAMN IT!!!!

So she put me through to another dept to have a tracer put on the package but was told this might not find it for a few weeks ...WTF!!!!!

I said fine put one on it and pray it is found faster then a few weeks.

Then I had a thought go down and see if the other unit had my stuff...so off I went down the drive ..no lights on in said unit..so climbing the steep and frost covered steps I open the front door to that unit and found my package still in between the front doors, I grabbed mine and put the one we got in it's place where it should have been from the start.

Now I ask you all this would never have happen if the driver had matched the unit number on the package to the one on the condo it's self!! Why leave something for unit #22 at #17 and the other way around?