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jedi40 [userpic]

Cherry Hill NJ Stargate Con Day one

November 20th, 2008 (08:27 pm)

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Day One
After about 5 hours of sleep and hot bath to start the day, mom and dad drove me down to Union Station to catch my train down to Philadelphia. We had asked the red cap to have someone waiting when I got to the PA station to help me with my bag and have a chair to get me where I needed to go with out hurting my knees to much. The day was overcast but the rain held off. I spent the ride down reading 59 pages of Demons (yeah I am a slow reader 59 pages in 2 ½ hours).

Well when I got to the PA station there was no one there to help me out. I asked one of the conductors to radio someone to help and after an 8 min wait a red cap arrived except he did not have a chair for me. So he went off to get one and soon we were in the station, I was parked in the chair while we waited 20 mins for my connection train to take me to Cherry Hill.

No trouble on the train but I got angry when the train pulled into the Cherry Hill station (nothing more then a bus stop type thing near the tracks) and found not a taxi cab in sight ….I called the hotel months before and asked them if taxis were at the ready at the station and was told yes….yeah right. So mad and in pain from standing and walking I called home for help and dad got miffed at me for not having the hotels number on me. Like I did not know this was going to happen, so he called the Hamden branch of the same hotel and got the Cherry Hill one to call a cab for me. 10 mins later it showed up just as it was starting to drizzle and I was on my way at last.

I got checked into my room on the third floor along with Epiphany Shepmug.

Then I headed down to register and get my photo Op and autograph tickets, got the free gift to the Gold ticket holders which is a large black zip top bag with Stargate Atlantis on the front and back
and there I bumped into Wraithfodder (from SCFI) and Salty (from GW) after we chatted I headed to the vender's room. Got my pictures to get signed and headed to the restaurant that was part of the hotel to grab something quick to eat.
With only 4 other people in the place it took forever just to get a burger and fries.

Made it to the main room where everything was to happen and missed about half of Dan Shea’s Q&A. I never got to ask him any questions because is just goes on and on (makes the Energizer Bunny look like it is standing still with all the moving around he did on stage) about things that happen while filming the stunts for SG1 and Phyic. And how he got started doing stunts with no training while filming MacGyver with “big dog” what he calls RDA and how a skating stunt went wrong and he hit the wrong type of glass and the operator that was to break it did but to late and Dan got hurt bad. Also it was 50 and raw outside and he was wearing shorts!

He also talked about how they almost set Amanda on fire during a stunt,, can’t remember what episode it was, but the villagers were to go past the camera, then her and then the stunt people. So everything was going good till “lire lire” Martin Wood wanted something changed last minute and Dan said for the safety of the actors it could not be done that way..so it was shot …villagers went , the team made it through and just as the last stunt guy was making it through he stopped for some reason and got set on fire from a mortar going off near by and he stood up and was looking around trying to find out where the burring smell was coming from and remembered he was to chaise AT, so he takes off after her and she looks back and freaks out when she sees the man on fire heading right at her, so she speeds up and the stunt guy wonders what is behind him that is making her freak out so he speeds up as well..at last Martin calls cut and they put the stunt guy out at long last.

He also talked about a stunt done in 200 (I think) that just about knocked Ben Browder for a loop, because “lire lire” Martin Wood wanted Ben to be away from the wall more so it would look like he was really tossed into it, but since the actor was doing the stunt it could not be done where Martin wanted Ben to be standing without hurting him ..so Dan kept saying this spot would be better and then someone would come and point to a different spot and ask if the new spot would be safe and Dan would say yes…till they got to where Martin wanted Ben to stand about 20 feet from the wall and Dan said NO! not safe.

He then said that he liked the new fire gel since back in the day it had to be left in the fridge and it was ice cold when they put it on over the fire suit. But even with the new gel things happened when a actor would look down and it caused the gel to move and leave that area open to fire…not good. Such a thing happened on Phyic www.youtube.com/watch

At last time was called and Dan said buy signed his photo on the banner and off he went.

Then they got stuff ready for the first auction ..I spotted something I wanted to get right away and sat down for the auction to start.

When the thing I wanted to get came up not only was it that pic but 3 others in the lot as well… and I won the lot!!!! It was worth the $80.00 just to get the JF autograph pic.

While we waited for them to reset the stage for Gary they gave us the news that we would be shown “The Prodigal” once the autographs were done later on so that we would not miss out on seeing it .

Just before Gary came out they played a tribute vid of the late Don S. Davis

Then it was Gary’s turn.

He started off by telling us about a movie he made for SCIFI called “Snakehead Terror” and when he went in to read for the role he was reading he had to act out that he was digging a deep hole to put toxic waist in and then be attacked by the fish and he had to scream. Well he did and he sounded like a woman screaming instead. So the director said thanks and we will call you back.

A few days later he got a call back for a reread so he went in and in the waiting room was this huge and tall guy also up for the same role (think his name was Bigfoot or something due to his height). The other guy went in first and when he came out he was shaking his head like he knew he had bombed or something, then Gary went in and asked if there was anything new they wanted him to do…nope just redo what you did before and he did. And then he left..and waited for the call back, which he did get, but when he went in to get fitted there up on the wall was a picture of the other actor, when he asked about it they said “oops you were not to see that”. So he was not there first pick for the role and was only called in when the other actor got another role….so that was “Snakehead Terror”.

Then he started talking about SG1 and when he first started doing the Chevron one encoded and what not he thought saying it the same way over and over would get dull so as the “Chevron’s” got higher in number the more he would change the way he said it, when he got to Chevron 7 he sounded like Jerry Lewis and said “Chevron 7 locked…hey lady” and everyone just laughed.

At another con he had been to before ours someone had counted how many times he had said “Chevron 7 locked” and it was almost 700 times.
His kids are not impressed with his Stargate work until they heard him speaking in a different language.

I asked he what was the funniest prank pulled on him and he said someone was always changing the screen savor to his PC on set and some would be very adult in nature and not a good thing to have when the big wigs came on set.

Then he told us about what happened one time when he was at a hotel when he got a call from John Smith and what ensued from said phone call.

Then he went on about how Walter got his last name and all the promotions.

And then someone asked him how Walter got his first name and he said it was all RDA. In the episode 2010 Rick was supposed to just call him Sergeant, instead he said Walter in a drawn out way and the name stuck.

Then came the autographs with Dan and Gary, they were great to chat with while they signed away. I headed back to my seat to wait for the showing of “The Prodigal”. Just before 8PM it started and it was great to watch it on a big screen.

After that we where told to leave so they could get ready for the Cabaret, so I headed back to my room to leave off some of the things I had gotten earlier in the day watched some TV then headed back down to wait.

Dan was up first and he talked more about the stunts done on SG1 and on Phyic. But he also talked about another stunt that almost tore his foot off because he had to put his foot into something like a wood chipper type thing but for safety sake he could not out his foot to close to it, well then they rolled camera and has his foot got close something caught and pulled his leg in, lucky for him someone saw what was going on and stopped the thing in time. Then they started it up to back his leg out only it had to go forward a tad before reversing and that hurt him even more.

Then Gary was up

He talked about working with Mickey Rooney on the show “The Adventures of the Black Stallion” where he played a vet in one episode, and Mickey would stride on set (Gary did a great walk of Mickey) ask for the script, he looked it over and would just ad lib his lines, and poor Gary did not know what to do since he was supposed to wait for his beat line and it was never said so he just stood there not sure as to what to do, so Mick took him aside and told him that when he stopped talking to say his lines and they got it done at last.
He also wanted to get a photo of him with Mick and was told by a friend that worked on set that it would be hard to get since once Mick was done he was off set like a rocket.

So at last he got his chance asked someone to take a picture of them and knocked on Mick’s trailer door and when Mickey saw the camera he swore a blue streak, stopped and put his arm around Gary’s shoulder and grinned then complained when the person taking the pics wanted one for safety.

Then he told a funny story about working with the late Katherine Hepburn and how she could not tell what color lines on the cue cards were hers or his. And they had to remove a horse from the carriage she was on and she wanted to know where it had gone to even though she had watched them remove it.

And then came Chuck

He said that his favorite holiday was Halloween and that he went out one time as a Jawa from Star Wars and he asked his dad for help with the eyes since they glowed, so his dad went to a nearby hardware store and got some sticky numbers that you put on your house and he used the 0 for the eyes.
Chuck’s friend went as Luke and he used double sided sticky tape for the leggings well it did not take long before the tape to start to come off and everything from grass to candy was sticking to the friend’s legs.

His two favorite shows growing up was Hee Haw and Superfriends..he said the best voice on Superfriends was the guy that said “Meanwhile back at the halls of Justice” and did a great voice of the man that did the voice : Superfriends intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqRxWAqnQ_g

He gets a kick watching the show man vs wild since the guy doing it is a nut

Then he did the cast if some other actors did the roles
He does a great Todd the Wraith imitation

And that was the end of the cabaret

Went back to room to see about getting room service

only to find out the person doing it leaves at 10PM so back down to the pub for some thing quick and I headed back up to get ready for the next days fun.
I called down to the front desk to place a wake up call while Epiphany mug checked out what was going on the next day

and then we went to bed

Day Two coming soon