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jedi40 [userpic]


November 1st, 2008 (11:11 pm)

current mood: amused

You Are Not a Wimp

In fact, you are an incredibly tough person.

Your nerves do not get the better of you.

You don't back down from challenges or intimidating situations.

You love the thrill of conquer... so much so that it outweighs the fear of defeat.

Right on the nose


Posted by: bandcat (bandcat)
Posted at: November 3rd, 2008 02:09 pm (UTC)

You Are Occasionally a Wimp

You're pretty tough in every day life. You don't back down easily.
However, you can be a wimp at times, especially in stressful situations.

You can be overwhelmed or intimidated or just plain scared when life gets rough.
While these are natural reactions, you may want to face your fears a little more.

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