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jedi40 [userpic]

More Hanna stuff......

September 8th, 2008 (04:18 am)
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Hamden (WTNH) -- Tropical Storm Hanna blew through Connecticut, Saturday night, leaving thousands without electricity, but causing no major damage.

"By and large things are looking good for Sunday," Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Matt Scott said.

Connecticut Light & Power reports less than 400 customers don't have electricity right now. This is considerably less than the 8,935 outages reported around 6:30, Sunday morning. The outages are scattered across the state. United Illuminating reports less than a handful of outages, which is down from the couple of hundred reported earlier in the day.

At one point, the storm triggered a Tornado warning for parts of Fairfield and New Haven counties, but no tornado was spotted. State Police at Troop A in Southbury told News Channel 8 they have no major incidents to report.

On one street in Hamden, a tree toppled during the storm and crushed a family's garage and two cars.

Ann Marie Cordner was stunned when she heard the massive tree crash into her home; it came right through the roof. "It started raining in the house," Cordner said. "Me and my neighbor got crates and were catching the water."

She's now sizing up the damage and feeling lucky the tree didn't fall differently.

"That's an empty room, my bedroom is next to it," Cordner said. "The kids' bedrooms are upstairs, so we're lucky all the way around."

Meanwhile, a home on Ingham Hill Road, in Old Saybrook, was also hit by a tree brought down by the storm. It crashed right through a second floor window.

The homeowner was too upset to talk with News Channel 8 on camera but reported that the window is that of his 8-year-old daughter's bedroom. She would have been sleeping at the time this happened but coincidently, last night, the family was out.

So, they too are counting their blessings and waiting for the clean-up to begin.

In the meantime, wet roads made for messy and treacherous conditions for people out driving. In Westport, a crash on Wilton Road, near Marilane, sent four people to the hospital. A firefighter had to cut two of the passengers from their car.

In East Haven, two men escaped serious injury when they lost control of the SUV they were in.

"Came around the corner, started hydroplaning, we went over on the curb, just flipped," John Olson, of East Haven said.