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jedi40 [userpic]

I have had it!!!!!

September 5th, 2007 (09:15 pm)

current mood: cranky

Once again I am really pissed off with my parents. I went out to put something in the mailbox only to see as I came back in that some things of mine (I bought them) had been thrown out in the trash. They had NO right to toss them out if it was not theirs!!!!

When I confronted them about it they said they were dirty or they thought they were my brothers (still should not have been tossed)..and I said NO, we go through the same thing every year and I keep telling them that the stuff is mine. Then my dad had the nerve to ask me when the last time I used the things...that is besides the point he has things in the basement that were brought from our last home and still has never used.

I guess I will start tossing things of theirs out and see how they like it. They have more crap in our house then I have....I am just so sick of this I am not sure what I will do.