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jedi40 [userpic]

News from my area

August 26th, 2007 (02:36 am)
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This happened about a block from where I live:

"Hamden senior saved by New York teen

Posted Aug. 25, 2007
Updated 9:30 PM

Hamden (WTNH) _ An elderly woman nearly drowned in Hamden earlier, but was saved by a teen who jumped in after her.

Sary Aiden, 88, was swimming in pool at 835 Mix Avenue in Hamden when she passed out underwater due to a medical condition.

She was under for about 30 seconds when Jake Dipippo, a teen who was visiting from New York, dove in after her.

"I was a little shook up at first after that but once it really sunk in, you know, I guess, I feel pretty good about it, I made the day a lot better," says Dipippo.

Dipippo had been visiting his grandfather who said "[Dipippo] ran over there, took one look, dived in the water and brought her up."

Paramedics treated Aiden at the scene and say she's going to be just fine."