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jedi40 [userpic]

Dad and me

April 23rd, 2007 (06:50 pm)

current mood: blah

Well dad will be having his eye ducts worked on Weds am to unblock them. And Tomorrow afternoon I will be seeing my Dr. for a bug or something I have.I have felt like crap since Sat, coughing like crazy (and a sore throat from the hacking) and I am bringing up alot of phlegm when I have a bad coughing fit and a semi high temp as well.

I will update on both as soon as I can.


Posted by: pisces227 (pisces227)
Posted at: April 24th, 2007 12:31 am (UTC)

Looks like everyone is sick with some kind of bug. I'm still feeling crappy and still not much of a voice.

Hope you feel better soon. **hugs**

btw..I started writing stuff on my LJ...finally!

Posted by: jedi40 (jedi40)
Posted at: April 24th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
Hot Vince

Yeah there are lots of bugs going around all over the place. Sorry you are still feeling crappy.

Thanks pisces227 {{{HUGS}}}} and I hope you do as well.

Cool... I will have to take a look at your LJ and see what you have posted.

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