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jedi40 [userpic]

It happened again

February 8th, 2007 (02:57 am)

current mood: blank

I am so sick of this GD cold that it is driving me mad.

I had to leave the computer room because I could not stand the cold in the room any longer and the space heater is doing nothing but blowing cold air from one vent and warm (not hot) air from the other vent. The weather stripping on the window is not helping either.

And once again I started to bicker with my parents...my dad kept asking and....and after everything I said and I snapped at him asking how many ands did he want since he knew what has going on in the room.

Dad in his typical manor just had it and said never mind and left the room (he had asked me before what he does to tick me off and when I said that was one of them he got madder).

My dad then said that maybe I should stay out of the computer room if the cold was getting to me and said maybe I should stay upstairs, I said there was no difference from the computer room and the upstairs and he said "YES THERE IS SO GO UP TO YOUR ROOM AND SEE!!! Well I hate to tell him but my room is the coldest room in the house next to the computer room and the den.

He snapped at me again telling me he was going to call the cops on me because I am "tarring the family apart". Two little out bursts and he is going to toss me in jail...good one dad. He has lost his temper more times then I can count and you don't see me calling the cops on him.

I just wished I knew what is causing me to do this and how to stop it from happening again. At least this time I did not hit a wall again since my hand is still painful from the other day.