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jedi40 [userpic]

Shore Leave 31 con Day One

July 20th, 2009 (04:52 am)

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Shore Leave 31 con

Day one




After about 41/2 hours sleep I got up and finished what little packing I had left to do.

Never knew why a suitcase with so little in it weights a ton and had to be slid down the stairs. Mom tried to help me with it but just ended up getting in the way.


Got the case into dads wagon without hurting myself and we were off to New Haven’s Union Station for my train down to MD.


Good thing we got there early since there was not a red cap to be found and no one in the information room either for about 10 min’s. At last someone arrived and got a chair for me to sit in while we waited for a red cap to help us out.


The guys waited on the bench next to me:



After about a 20 min wait we were off to the platform to where we waited for another 10 mins for the train to arrive.


I got a nice seat at the head of the car and we were off at last.




 Once past NY the countryside was very nice to look at when you could see it. I read a fic a friend of mine wrote called “Shades of Grey” on the way down to pass the time.


After a 5 hour ride I at last arrived at Baltimore’s Penn Station and a red cap was there with  a chair and helped me get a cab to the hotel (not cheap either). So after a 30 min ride and $45 for the cab I got to my room #2079 and collapsed onto my bed just from all I had gone through so far.


I made it down to the lower level of the hotel and got my badge and then headed back to the main level to where the dealer’s rooms were. I got some pics at one of the tables for the actors to sign and then to a different room and got a button made of John from Rising and then headed to one of the restaurants for a quick lunch.


As I left I spotted A2D2 rolling around beeping and everything and I found out the person operating it had made him from scratch!



I found a bench to take a load off my feet for a bit and chatted with the guys that were next to me for a bit. They spotted someone coming from the lower level with an autograph in hand and they asked her where she got it since signing was not to be till the next day. Well she said that there were some actors down there signing right now!


So I grabbed my backpack and hobbled as fast as I could to the elevators that had to be placed far from everything else and made my way through everyone mingling down there to the tables where the signings were being done.


On the left side of the room were Clifton Collins (of the new Star Trek movie) and Jonathon Schacch (of “That Thing You Do) and on the right side were Vanessa Angel and Chris Heyerdahl!!! I got in line for Chris and got my wanted poster out for him to sign and when I handed it to him he laughed and thought it was great. I told him I had made it to look like a real wanted poster and had trimmed it to look even more real looking. He thought that was cool. I said could you write “paid in full” and sign it for me, he asked me what should he sign it in, I said well Todd feeds on humans so how about red, to which he chuckled at.



I then told him I had a full sized version of the poster as a gift for him and he was surprised at that. I told him if it was OK I would give it to him during the Q&A later that night. He grinned and said sure and handed my poster back to me. I head down the rest of the room to see if there was anyone else I wanted to get and did not see anyone I knew and headed back to where Chris was still signing and found an empty seat to rest in and I snapped Chris at his table signing. I then got Vanessa Angel’s autograph.




And headed back up to my room to kill some time before the shows I wanted to see started. The AF’s were busy looking over the room service menu when I got there.


And after they decided on what to get John checked out the view from the window and I checked out the view of something else.


At last I decided it was time to head down and grab something for myself to eat and left the boys on the bed to watch TV while I was gone.


After dinner I headed back down to the lower level where the Q&A’s were done and there walking toward me was Chris and his keeper. I said hi Chris and told him I had the WP in my backpack if he wanted it right then, and he beamed as I dug it out for him and handed it to him. He said thanks very much and gave me a big hug and walked off. I was stunned and thought OMG!! I was hugged by Todd!!


I made it to the main room for the talks just after 7PM and got a good seat in the front row and caught the last 40 mins of Adrienne Wilkinson’s talk (Xena’s daughter Livia/Eve). Poor dear seemed board to death and people were having a hard time coming up with things to ask her.

I asked if she or anyone else on the set had ever gotten hurt during filming of the show and she said yes, that during a big Gladiator type fight she and the stunt lady for Lucy got so caught up in the fight they were doing that she missed her mark and got hit in the leg by the stunt lady with a fake sword. It stung like crazy she said and it changed the way she fought for the rest of the season and for the better.



And then it was time for her to go. After a few mins of listing to some weird music it was time for Chris.


If you have never seen Chris at a con before and you get the chance to see him GO!! He had everyone cracking up with his antics and how he would answer questions. First thing he said when on stage was that he had no idea about the SGA movie and if it will/would be made.


Chris on Todd



He talked about working under all the makeup and how long it took to make him into Todd (over 4 hours!!!)

Chris on the makeup



He talked more about working on Sanctuary (he would not admit that he plays The Big Guy on the show) and Supernatural. He could not tell us much on the new Twilight movie he is in though just that Marcus is very misunderstood and very lonely and made this pout face that made everyone laugh.


Then he talked about Halling and how back in season 1 for the episode “Hide and Seek” and the reason he was on crutches was Chris fell while snowboarding and did a number on his leg so the writers worked the crutches into the scene. And then his return to Halling in season 4


Chris on Halling



I tried to get a question in but never had the chance to.


After another short break to more odd music it was time for “Housecalls” a skit Robert Picardo wrote for himself and Ethan based on their cara’s on ST: Voyager.


But first Bob came out and sung one of his parody songs this one to Rigoletto, I missed a bit of the start because my camera died.
Bob sings



Then Ethan came out and it was a nonstop laugh fest for the next hour. They were adlibbing most of the time and playing off each other very well that they even cracked each other up. You just have to see it to se what I mean.


By the time it was over I was beat just from all the laughing and made it up to my room where I watched some TV before calling it a night. I needed my beauty sleep since my first Photo Op was at 9:30AM the next day and I wanted to look some what refreshed for them.





Posted by: bandcat (bandcat)
Posted at: July 21st, 2009 07:49 am (UTC)

thanks for the 1st part of your report jedi - looks like the boys were getting set for a great time

Posted by: jedi40 (jedi40)
Posted at: July 21st, 2009 08:54 am (UTC)
Vincent smile

You are verywelcome BC....well they setting up for something anyway.

Posted by: wraithfodder (wraithfodder)
Posted at: July 21st, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)

Very cool! hadn't known they had R2D2s floating around :) But oh noes! Where's Rodney? John took Ronon. Oh, Rodney-action-figure will never stand for that! ;)

Posted by: jedi40 (jedi40)
Posted at: July 22nd, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)

Never did I someone that was there for the masquerade thing made him. I had to take Ronon since I don't have the Rodney ones and there was only one for sale at the con and that was for someone else.

Posted by: wraithfodder (wraithfodder)
Posted at: July 23rd, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)

And I thank you very much for Rodney AF :):)

Posted by: jedi40 (jedi40)
Posted at: July 23rd, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
Vincent smile

You are very welcome

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